Saturday, 23 October 2010

Fire on Bliss Farm

 It was very early in the morning on Bliss farm and all of the animals and birds were still asleep. They were all very tired. They worked hard all day ploughing the fields, grazing and laying eggs. It was normal for them to wake up well after the sun had risen.
 Daisy the duck was busy dreaming of food when she suddenly woke up. It was still very early and the sky was still black. She gave a yawn and stretched out her wings. ‘I‘ve woken up at a very silly time.’ She yawned, looking around. Everywhere was dark and peaceful. She had never been up this early before. She liked it as it was quiet. The rest of the animals were still asleep so it was as though she had the whole farmyard to herself. She sat and thought about what she could do for a while. She closed her eyes to try to go back to sleep but it didn’t help. There was only one thing left to do, she needed to get up.
 Daisy rose from her nest and looked around for something to eat. It was only then that she spotted a red glow rising into the sky over a field in the distance. Daisy gasped! ‘Oh no! the wheat field is on FIRE!’ she  began to scream

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