Tuesday, 2 November 2010


julietbrough@yahoo.co.uk should anyone wish to get in touch. I will not be answering questions about bra sizes, nor do I need viagra or penile enhancement products. Should you wish to send emails about this then don't be offended if I don't reply as I just don't have the will or the time to answer. My life, as is yours, is very precious. Make every moment count, don't bother sending emails like this, why not go outside and watch the birds fly through the sky and take note of the colours of the buildings around you. You'll get more enjoyment out of this.



  1. Add to that:

    if you want to tell me that you love me and value my friendship, send me an email saying this and not a chain email that threatens me bad luck if I do not forward this cheesy Hallmark email to a gazillion friends within the next 2 seconds.

    and don't send me emails warning me not to put pictures of my children on Facebook as there are pedophiles trawling the net looking for photos of children to download.

    or emails warning me to lock my doors when I go to pay for my petrol in case an axe murderer climbs into the back seat.

    or anything else that you have not checked out on Snopes first.

    Thank you.