Friday, 19 November 2010

Is no news good news?

Little editor is still at school so I apologise in advance for any spelling or grammatical errors. I never said I was perfect.

Well, the agency I quite liked turned me down. I wasn't given any other details other then they are very busy. Ah well, nothing ventured and all of that. Finding an agent is very difficult, it's like trying to climb a 50 foot wall blindfolded and with your hands tied together. Rejection is rife and there's very often no details given as to why, meaning that he poor writer can't see where they are going wrong. Agents and publishers want something that is commercil, something that will earn them money. A writer who goes into this industry shouldn't be in it just for the money as the chances are that they won't earn a lot of it anyway. I just love to make people smile, even if it's just for a short time. A book has the potential to lift spirits and change the way that a reader views the world. This is a reward in itself, I do need to eat though.

 I'm not really getting anywhere agent wise. I'm in need of a fairy godmother (or godfather) to work some magic and give me a hand. There are plenty of sites that offer mentors; for a price. I have looked into this as I do need some guidance (don't we all) but be wary. It's expensive and there's no guarantee that it will all work out as all writers are at the mercy of the agents and the publishers. They can produce a fantastic, well written book but if it doesn't tick the right (commercial) boxes then that's the end of the line. I am questioning whether my books are commercial? How many parents would be willing to splash out own one of my books? That's the million dollar question that I have no answer to.
I do (so I've been told) write very well. 'You've really got something here.'  I've also been told that I'm very creative. Where's the problem you may ask? Classic. I've been told that the world doesn't want classic books any more. They want something 'edgy', something new. I'm still not sure how anyone can make an 'edgy' book for a 5 year old, have a primary school child selling illegal drugs to their teacher so they can buy sweets maybe? I'd rather not. I'll stick with the farm animals thanks.

 Best of luck to all of you. If you meet a fairy godmother/godfather along the way please tell them I'm looking for them. Many thanks.

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