Friday, 12 November 2010

Self doubt.

I only watch the first few couple of episodes of the X-factor. I begin to feel pity for the contestants after this, the ones who think they are the next Madonna who are beyond rubbish in particular. It makes me look at myself and wonder whether I see the things I am doing in the same rose tinted glasses. It's good to know your limitations; I was never made to be a ruthless business woman or to produce a modern masterpiece worthy of the tate. Self doubt isn't helped by other people, the ones who call you 'a weak student' for example. I'd love to send her a copy of something I've written and something that's been published. I have a whole character based on this human dementor.

 I started writing, not because I thought I was good at it or the next JK Rowling, but because I've finally found something that I enjoy. I have plenty of ideas for books, about 75 since September and I'm sure that some of these are not worthy of any agents/publishers time so I've written them down and will return to them at some point. I do get plagued by self doubt. I am aware of those who think they are wonderful and have no clue about how talentless they really are. I do wonder if I'm just as bad. Time will tell, maybe I am or maybe something life changing will be in my inbox tomorrow or the day after.

 I can not give anyone advice on this. It's not helpful to be too critical of yourself but it's not helpful to be ignorant. Writing isn't like singing though, there are courses which help writers improve but if you're tine deaf then you're knackered if you want to sing. I might look into a course, something that's cheap, local and is school hours though. Drop me an email if you know of one please. In the mean time, keep at it.

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  1. Little editor has made me aware of my spelling mistakes. I should have asked him to proof read this first!