Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Fire on Bliss Farm

It was very early in the morning on Bliss farm and all of the animals and birds were still asleep. They were all very tired. They worked hard all day ploughing the fields, grazing and laying eggs. It was normal for them to wake up well after the sun had risen.
 Daisy the duck was busy dreaming of food when she suddenly woke up. It was still very early and the sky was still black. She gave a yawn and stretched out her wings. ‘I‘ve woken up at a very silly time.’ She yawned, looking around. Everywhere was dark and peaceful. She had never been up this early before. She liked it as it was quiet. The rest of the animals were still asleep so it was as though she had the whole farmyard to herself. She sat and thought about what she could do for a while. She closed her eyes to try to go back to sleep but it didn’t help. There was only one thing left to do, she needed to get up.
 Daisy rose from her nest and looked around for something to eat. It was only then that she spotted a red glow rising into the sky over a field in the distance. Daisy gasped! ‘Oh no! the wheat field is on FIRE!’ she  began to scream. Then she started running around in circles and flapping her wings. ‘I must get some help.’ She ran and flew as fast as she could to the centre of the yard, flapping her wings as she went to raise the alarm. ‘FIRE! There’s a fire in the wheat field! HELP! COME ON’ she quacked at the top of her voice. ‘WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING? IT’S AN EMERGENCY!‘  All of the animals groaned and left their homes to see what the problem was. ‘Look, over there, there’s a fire in the wheat field, see? We must go and help.’
 Daisy worried and panicked about everything, the weather, how much food they had or whether she had pooped enough that day. She would spend all day worrying; tiny things that were not important would be turned into a major event. All of the animals were unable to sleep the night before because it had been raining a bit and Daisy was worried that the farm would flood. They only managed to get to sleep when they had allowed her to march them all into the barn so they could shelter in there until the rain had stopped.
Alan the sheep looked at her then looked at the red sky over the wheat field. He then looked back at Daisy ‘looks alright to me’ he replied with a big yawn. He then picked up a mouth full of grass off the floor and began to eat. The sheep’s pace of life was very slow. They were slow to do everything, eating was such a chore as breakfast took them all day. In fact, they didn’t do a lot besides eating.
‘You just don’t get it’ she flapped, getting more and more upset. ‘We all eat wheat, it’s going to burn and we’ll have no food!’ The animals had to think about this but the sheep just carried on eating.

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