Wednesday, 20 July 2011

6 reasons why I am not JK Rowling.

Whenever people ask what I do, nine times out of ten I will get the same response:

'So you're the next JK Rowling?'

Let me make this perfectly clear. I like JK Rowling, it was the first Harry Potter novel that inspired me to write my own. I've always loved books. As a child we had two so, at the tender age of 11, I volunteered to work in the school library so I could read as much as I could. I find it wonderful that she's encouraged so many children to read, and I am incredibly thankful that she gave me the inspiration to write my own books. So, ten reasons why I am not JK Rowling:

1) Because I'm not writing Harry Potter. She's done this, I don't use other writer's plots. There's a huge world out there, full of dragons, witches and mythical creatures. I am very capable of thinking of my own ideas, thank you very much.

2) My main character never has been, nor ever will be called Harry Potter. It's a trade mark/copyright/legal thing that will make my hair curl, my hands shake and end up in bankruptcy if I ever use it.

3) I doubt very much that Bloomsbury will publish my books or that Christopher Little will be my agent.

4) JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter in a cafe on her laptop. I can't use my laptop in the local coffee shop, the battery will not survive for longer then 5 minutes without it being connected to the mains.

5) I don't write like JK Rowling, because I am not her. I am me, Juliet Brough. I am perfectly happy being me, why spoil it and become someone else?

6) I live in England, not Edinburgh, but I'm sure it's a lovely place.

There you have it. There are more reasons but these are the main ones. The next time you meet a writer, please don't ask them if they are the next JK Rowling, it gets tedious after the first 10 people.

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