Saturday, 5 November 2011


 I appear to have plots coming out of my ears and people keep asking me how I manage to come up with so many, so I thought I'd tell you.

  I think of plots throughout the day, it's my favourite pass time. I sit on the bus and watch the world float by but I'm also thinking of plots as I'm doing this. I can drive past a drain cover. What's underneath? Any sensible person would think a sewer with a load of poop floating past on it's way to the sewage treatment plant. Not me though. Underneath the drain is a monster, waiting to pounce on the next child walking past. He could be a nice monster though, he could be looking for someone to rescue his mother from the evil wizard who's locked her up in a tower. Your imagination is the key. Open it up and see what happens. Write it all down.

 I find plots that interest me, it's hard to write anything that bores you to death. Do you remember how boring some of your school subjects were? I think of the books and movies that I enjoy the most; they are full of wizards, witches and dragons so this is what I write about.

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